101 Shooting Star Main Event of World Poker Tour Bay starts on Monday

World Poker Tour has finished with LA Poker Classic and now it would go on its California Swing in San Jose at Bay 101 Casino.

The event is spotlit by the unique US$7500 World Poker Tour Shooting Star No-Limit Hold’em Main Event starts on 7th March, and runs till the 11th with days 1A and 1B starting at 11:00 in the morning (local time) on 7th and 8th March.
Adam Pliska, the World Poker Tour President, told that for more than ten years, the world’s top poker players have visited from far and near to contend against one another as well as interact with the wonderful fans at World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star.
There are a lot of things that set this World Poker Tour main event apart from the rest of the marquee events of the tour. This is the only one to have premiums, but this is not a bounty event in the typical sense. Every table begins with at least one Shooting Star, a well known pro poker player with a premium on their head. If anyone busts a Shooting Star, they are handed with US$ 2500 as well as an autographed bounty t-shirt. Also singular to this event is the US$ 10000 bonus paid to the end-of-day chip leaders on the 1st two beginning days.
Along with this strange prize pool distribution, the construction is also remarkable. Play starts with one-hour levels on the first day, and then increases to ninety minute levels deeper in the event. When only thirty-six players stay, play changes from the standard 9 handed play to 6 handed, and stays that way for the length of the whole event.