Andoni Larrabe made it through WSOP

Though the Spanish have suffered serious paucity in the international casino arena’s championships, the 2014 World Series of Poker saw Andoni Larrabe rise to the November Nine Finalists.

In fact, he stands out as to be the only Spaniard hitherto to final table, albeit Carlos Mortenson clinched the first title in the main event back in 2001. He is among the players who have emerged to lock horns with the dominating US players and managed to attain prominence at the nascent stages of his career.

Though he did not resuscitate Carlo’s earlier win to bring Spain to the fore, he placed sixth in the WSOP NHLE, Las Vegas 2014.

Apart from this remarkable event he has played incredibly well to amass $20,068 prior to joining the WSOP in Main Events. Though at the fledgling stage of his poker career, the tournament in Bahamas where he won that garnered him $218,710 and bolstered his status in the poker industry. These earnings are all ascribable to the WSOP Main Event. As of 2014, Larrabe’s total earnings stood at a whopping $341,266 hitherto. This is an addition to the $1,622,471 that he won after placing 6th at the WSOP Main Event with the 10M top prize slipping his fingers. He had also played at the WSOP in 2013 but he failed to cash in. Discernibly, he will return to the high-profile poker upcoming events and remains the Spaniard to watch as he has the inclination to final table again.

Larrabe’s achievements are verifiable evidence on the issue of nationality. He proved he could play with fortitude to sail through the final table in a field that brought together many dexterous players globally. At the early stages of his promising poker career it is indubitable he will bring talent and expertise in the coming years.