• k0r3 says:

    This discussion started as someone stated they they didnt know how pronounce the asian players names. Its a simple response, Regardless to their contribution they dont make much of an effort towards enhancing communication.

  • benjeeenius says:

    these chinese people contribute so much to the australian economy through tourism and investment every year, especially rich businessmen like them. its pretty ignorant of you to tell them to learn to pronoucne english words.

  • Mikey1724 says:

    yea, i agree
    he made a couple costly bad all in calls

  • 123THERollyboy says:

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  • djfreakkk says:

    he was one of the first to be eliminated.

  • maximarisio says:

    ivey play really donkey in this time.

  • k0r3 says:

    Well i didnt say LEARN ENGLISH ASSHOLE and my there are more chinese people in Sydney than aussies.

  • trtnec says:

    lol you’re missing the point completely… asking them to speak English is like if you (i’m assuming Australian) visited Russia for a few days and some idiot told you LEARN RUSSIAN ASSHOLE. These people are from CHINA AND LIVE IN CHINA and are visiting Australia for this tournament. I just hope you’re under 13 years old with that type of statement.

  • k0r3 says:

    You have obviously never been to Australia and Sydney for that matter.

  • trtnec says:

    they’re from China and live in China you dumbass…

  • MrCrunchy29 says:


  • speebyda says:

    Better than expecting the Chinese to anglosise there names. Which was expected at one time.

  • Omgbikti says:

    Where’s Tom Dwan? do u know?

  • remio81 says:

    really want put dick on blondie mouth lol

  • BoloNguyen says:


  • k0r3 says:

    Antarctica, You?

  • k0r3 says:

    Antarctica. You?

  • tSioY305 says:

    k0r3 where are you from????

  • k0r3 says:

    Dear chinese people, Learn to pronounce english words.

  • bschweiz1321 says:

    Dear announcers: learn how to pronounce chinese names.