Having reached in Macau only a few days ago on his path to performing in the Aussie Millions, it would appear Danish poker pro Gus Hansen has earned an impact on Macau’s Big Game and at present in profit by a huge US $ 3.86 million.
Star-World Macau’s Poker King Club has been hosting the HKD $ 10k / $ 20k money game for few weeks now along with a team of super wealthy Asian businessmen blending it up with such popular poker pros as Phil Ivey, Andrew Robl, Gus Hansen and John Juanda.

Evidently, Hansen escaped to a nice start after grabbing a place in the Big Game and was upward by around US$ 258000 after performing in one of the game’s noted twenty-four hour poker sessions.

3 sessions in and at this point of time Hansen’s gains have sky-rocketed and the pro told he now mean to be around for another session before going on to Australia. passing a glance into the process in Macau, Hansen described on his blog that this session was more up and down compared to the two previous sessions and at one point he found himself on the good end of a cold deck in a three-way all-in where he was holding Aces – unfortunately as the old expression tells ‘Easy comes, easy goes’ he was also holding Jacks vs. Queens in another huge all-in hand.

At first it appeared like he was going away with both as a Jack hit the flop, but a Queen came sailing in on the river making it a fair 1 win, 1 loss outcome. Luckily, after his current stupendous winning session, Hansen told that he was capable of getting a nice sleep and so felt new for another outing before leading on to Melbourne.