• TheAcehighFlush says:

    @Iamwatchingyou75 thanks sunshine

  • tiltmonk says:


    insta – call

  • bryansanjose07 says:

    harman is such a tight player that when she bets big she most likely has a monster hand, iv yet to see a vid of her where she bets a mediocre hand aggresively…

  • fuckhero17 says:

    i think the only one who played in the right way this hand is phil ivey…but i’m not a pro, they are, so it’s only my opinion

  • shroey20 says:

    bad fold. but i give all the props in the world to john juanda for being able to make that amazing fold.

  • TheMURPHSTER101 says:

    @InsanityFraud he called the turn hoping the board would of paired but as it didnt he was first to act so he checked the reiver cos he thought she had the flush

  • Iamwatchingyou75 says:

    no shit sherlock.

  • InsanityFraud says:

    Juanda is awesome but he either should have just called, or he really should have just bet on the river instead of checking, in which case it would be easier to fold. Dunno why he called the turn if he’s just gonna check the river and then fold to any bet.

  • MrGnomemeat says:

    def check call on the river, aside from the fact that harman is a nit.

  • chinasweetbaby says:

    Juanda sucks nuts

  • efker1 says:

    @TheAcehighFlush ooo man, you are so good. i would have never guessed.

  • raysalsa1 says:

    does jen flat call raise preflop here? wouldn’t think john would put her on AKspades or AJ. wouldn’t she she reraise preflop with those. he have to put her on suited connecter then. he doesn’t take much time to think on river. id say its really bad fold for that price.

  • doognadoshi says:

    @PouChen he checked the flop because it was super dry and there is very little oppurtunity for anyone to call a bet. He’s trying to get maximum value out of his hand and let someone hit on the turn. Its not all about protecting your hand, its about getting the most value out of them.Besides if you bet that flop your going to get called by a spade draw anyway.

  • TokenMatch says:

    By checking and not doing an extra re-raise by juanda, Jennifer had more of an opportunity to represent a flush.

  • TheAcehighFlush says:

    He must have thought Harman made the flush! Otherwise, he would have to call.

  • PouChen says:


    now your a good example for a fish…. no offense bro…

    he checked the flop with 2 spades… and he bets on the turn when the third came up, and she raises him… and yet he calls….

    you do that for only one reason, to check call the river… (or u know ur good)

    cant lay down top set, if you giva a free card on a drawing board

    if he bet the flop, she calls, a spade comes and he bets again and she raise, he might fold…but he didnt play it the safe way… stupid play…

  • idalgleish87 says:

    he had to reraise after the turn came to kno where he was, then harman would ben on the back foot. Easy to say from my position though.lol

  • ShinKyoji says:

    He knew she had something big once the turn came out. It could either be a set or a flush… And I think he saw a flush and didn’t think about a set (a set is hard to read isn’t it ?)

  • nwu45 says:

    I think she should have checked behind him on the river.

  • Rogerio34567 says:

    He never done anything wrong. All her actions suggested she had a flush so why should he have to call

  • Asmyoner says:

    he Checked the river cuz he is thinking that she may have the flush, cuz there are 3 spades on the board…

  • LeetCrime says:

    I dont understand why juanda checked the river

  • Wismer1987 says:

    i think juanda knows it better than all of u

  • whoracle97 says:

    she’s a super tight player and the way she acted indicated a lot of strenght, A LOT of strength.

  • huholah says:

    do you have a bracelet? Do you have 10million dollars+ beside your name? I don’t think so, John juanda is definately not a donk.