• @antichristtemka You are an idiot.
    You do realise Tony G can’t see Juandas cards like you can.
    For all he knew Juanda could’ve had J9 and was planning a check raise on the river with the nut straight.
    Think before you post a stupid comment next time dumbass.

  • @RavishingBeyond True. I think if juanda bet the river, he would have gotten tony g to fold.

  • @antichristtemka You would rarely get called by a worse hand if you bet in that spot.

  • @allgiiys if that was the case he wouldn’t have taken so long to make decision after JJ checked.

  • He didn’t get “scared” — there was no point in betting. He would either face a fold (by a crap hand) or a hefty raise (by a hand that beats him) if he bet. In that situation checking is the only smart move.