Now, AI Gets Better At Poker As The Poker Bots Are Coming

The First fight Between Humans and AI is now over and human lost the war, according to the prediction of sci-fi enthusiasts, this time the battleground was not the banking systems or the Internet, but the ground was the floor of a world-class casino.

According to statistics and facts and taken from the Poker Sites, earlier this year AI made a big leap in their prowess to strategize and predict human behavior, defeating human at one of the most popular strategy games, which is played by many in modern time: Poker.


According to initial screening and testing, Libratus, the poker playing bot built and designed by the team at CMU at the present time is the best poker player on the planet. It has challenged for top professional players of poker in the world in a not-so-friendly card game, and to the surprise and terror of the community of sci-fi, Libratus defeated all four players. The bot won that game at an average rate of $14.70 per hand, it players 120,000 hands. It is interesting to note that among four players, only one was able manage his overall losses under six figures, although, losing to the poker bot ultimately.


Poker is one of the most difficult-to-master and simple-to-learn games on earth at the present time. A player to acquire the frequency to play one hand per second would require 10 billion years of experience. So, the technology is really fast and it is faster than humans. And with the AI, it’s absolutely correct to say that it has the ability to outthink a human, feel no emotion and not get tired, it’s taken over the poker table and will shortly be seen invading in other sectors of our tech-driven society as well.