Poker Bill Introduced In Virginia

State Senator Louise Lucas introduced a bill to legalize poker in Virginia.

The bill was introduced by the senator in the beginning of January. The bill, S 1400, says to amend the law that considers poker as illegal gambling. The bill asks to keep poker as exception from other games and allow it to play without any hiccups.

Presently, according to the government of Virginia, the illegal gambling is termed as the placing, receipt or the making of any wager or bet in the money’s Commonwealth or value of other things, made in exchange to get a chance to earn a stake, prize or any other consideration or of value, it is dependent upon the outcome of any contest, game or any other event. Moreover, the result of which is a matter of chance or uncertain, whether such contest, event or game, occurs or is to take place outside or inside the limitations of the Commonwealth.

It is important to note that the bill has nothing to do with poker that is played online. The bill to legalize poker is only for traditional poker that is played inland. The bill also states that the organization that host game of bingo can host poker as well. The age of the player should be 18 years or above. Moreover, the prize for the event should be $100. Though, it is not completely clear, the $100 need to be in one hand or total for one session.

Though, the bill says, organization hosting bingo games are allowed to host poker tournaments as well. But, it is not in general. There are separate sections made for this in the bill. Details of the bill can be read from the website of the governing body. The bill has many other sections for different versions of poker.