• godzac says:

    1:57 omg, i am the king, showing my 3,8 to the table and sitting here silently.

  • creepyquiet22 says:

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  • Negreanu6767 says:

    Lmao. Allright I will hook ya up my FTP name is suagar1424 =)

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  • Xjawa says:

    @superdave31 Just wanted to see if he answered back or something, IMO not really slowrolling

  • superdave31 says:

    is juanda slow rolling when hes going ‘have you got a pair’ did you hit the jack? when its kinda like wtf he knows aces beats a pair of jacks

  • JohnQWydell says:

    Bad play from Demidov. How the hell did he reach final table??

  • VOD713 says:

    Yeah you are the pro….

  • PartyGamingPlc says:

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  • thetylife says:

    Demidov needs to get alot more rest before long tourney sessions or get in better shape…if he wants to avoid running out of gas and start playing bad like right here.

  • bhoys8uk says:

    Dunno why he took so long AGAIN tbh

  • h5y says:

    What are you saying/trying to get at?!

  • jondoe19 says:

    Just saying the obvious: Juanda took much, much longer to make his actual decision against Demidov–this video is condensed.

  • willgch says:

    alehkin would have won the first hand with jack 5 :p he had full house xD