Grizzly Games Record With Smashed Guarantees

The Grizzly Games, the Global Poker Championships second leg, with astounding start of the series has exceeded all expectations has already guaranteed more than SC$1.5 million.


The opening event, largest field in Global Poker history, which was a SC$5, 000 free roll, drew a whopping 5,142 players.  In the first Global Poker Championship package of the Grizzly Games for the title ‘wagawaga’ defeated ‘zoman’. ‘Wagawaga’ gets a trophy and also champions pack and avatar.
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Now, AI Gets Better At Poker As The Poker Bots Are Coming

The First fight Between Humans and AI is now over and human lost the war, according to the prediction of sci-fi enthusiasts, this time the battleground was not the banking systems or the Internet, but the ground was the floor of a world-class casino.

According to statistics and facts and taken from the Poker Sites, earlier this year AI made a big leap in their prowess to strategize and predict human behavior, defeating human at one of the most popular strategy games, which is played by many in modern time: Poker.
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NJ Legitimate Sites In The US

There are several poker sites that are legitimate online entities in the US.

Even if you are a resident of a state that does not have online legal poker rooms, there are many legal sites have no restrictions to prevent people of other states to log online and play.

There are well known names like Borgata Poker, 888poker NJ and others like WSOP NJ. New Jersey has a host of legalized online poker rooms and it is an irony that the state that has not much traffic on these sites. The WSOP is another reputed online poker room registered in NJ. Here you can play up to $700 for free, after which you can get matchup on first deposit bonuses. This website has several new format cash games, new tournament schedules that are posted and opportunities offered to online players to be part of the prestigious World Series of Poker. » ( Read more of NJ Legitimate Sites In The US… )

Online Poker Sites Getting Legalized In Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Senate has given the thumbs up for a gambling expansion package and the main benefactors of this new package are the online poker sites in the state.

The Pennsylvania Senate has given its nod to legalize the online poker sites after a lot of deliberation. The talk for the gambling expansion in the Pennsylvania state was going for a couple of years. The Senate had met over 100 times since 2015 to discuss the gambling expansion package and to legalize online poker sites.

The Keystone State Senate approved the online poker for the very first time and this has paved way for the legislation to now meet the lawmakers in the House to take a decision on this in the coming weeks. The omnibus bill also includes legalization for online lottery sales and regulation of the daily fantasy sports. » ( Read more of Online Poker Sites Getting Legalized In Pennsylvania… )

John Will Play In SHRB 2017

There are 50 poker players that are about to take part in the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl.

Out of 50 seats 35 are selected via lottery for $300,000. The lottery was done at Aria Resort and Casino.

Among the 35 names, the hall of fame for poker John Juanda is also in the list of 35 players. His seat in the tournament is now confirmed and he is going to play in the event. Others who were lucky and got their name in the list of 35 are previous champions, Rainer Kempe and Brian Rast. Both the player has got an opportunity to become winners for two times.

Hall of Famer of Poker John Juanda is in; the winning cash will get him more than $20 million in lifetime career earnings. Erik Seidel, he wants to top the list of all the money list and by winning the cash of this event, he will be able to do this. » ( Read more of John Will Play In SHRB 2017… )

Poker Bill Introduced In Virginia

State Senator Louise Lucas introduced a bill to legalize poker in Virginia.

The bill was introduced by the senator in the beginning of January. The bill, S 1400, says to amend the law that considers poker as illegal gambling. The bill asks to keep poker as exception from other games and allow it to play without any hiccups.

Presently, according to the government of Virginia, the illegal gambling is termed as the placing, receipt or the making of any wager or bet in the money’s Commonwealth or value of other things, made in exchange to get a chance to earn a stake, prize or any other consideration or of value, it is dependent upon the outcome of any contest, game or any other event. Moreover, the result of which is a matter of chance or uncertain, whether such contest, event or game, occurs or is to take place outside or inside the limitations of the Commonwealth. » ( Read more of Poker Bill Introduced In Virginia… )